How much does a website cost

Dec 2, 2019

One of the first question’s I’m asked all the time is ‘how much does a website cost?’. The obvious answer you will find all across the internet is ‘well, it depends!’. Helpful isn’t it?

This of course doesn’t give you any idea or guide as to how much your website will cost to build, or what type of costs are involved keeping your website running.

A website can be thought of like a car. You first purchase your car, and if you are fortunate enough to be buying brand new from a dealer you get to choose all the nice extras you would like such as heated seats, alloy wheels, metallic paint, leather interior etc…

Once you have your bright shiny new car, you’ll need to keep it on the road with road tax. Every once in a while, you’ll also need some maintenance such as new tyres, a service and the odd repair.

Your website is very similar. You first purchase your website and speak to your designer about all the extras you would like such as product pages, an about us page, a contact form with some great enticing graphics and wording. Perhaps even a shopping cart if you would like to sell online, but this of course is optional.

Once you have your shiny new website, you will need a hosting company to upload your website too so that it can displayed on the internet. Every once in a while, you may need to update your website with new pages, new features or perhaps some technical maintenance.

Realistically these are all the main costs involved. Let us break these down again:

  • Cost 1: Website development and build;
  • Cost 2: Hosting, to display your website on to the internet;
  • Cost 3: Any additional development such as new pages, new images, new features;
  • Cost 4: Maintenance in case there are any technical issues (websites can have issues just like a car can);


How much though would it realistically cost for all these items? – Well it may cost cheaper than you think.


Website Development and Build

Total Cost: from £185

Your website development will generally be your biggest outlay. This is the amount you pay direct to your website designer.

I have used a price point of £185 as this is the starting cost for a starter business website from us here at Vibe Designs in Brighton and Hastings. This will give you 4 pages for your business which is often a home page, an about us page and product or service page plus a contact page.

It’s certainly enough to get started!

Obviously, and like a car being manufactured, the more you want the more time is involved and therefore costs are higher. If you need more pages for additional or add-on services, or perhaps you would like a blog area to post news and updates for your customers and to help your customers find you on search engines, this will often incur an additional cost.




Total Cost: from £10 per month

Unfortunately, you can’t just display your website on your home computer and let the world see it. You need to upload your website to a server to be displayed on the internet.

Servers can cost tens of thousands of pounds and are out of reach for many small businesses. Plus, there is no need to purchase a server when there are so many businesses who buy and rent space on these servers. These businesses are often called ‘hosts’ or ‘hosting companies’.

Once you have purchased your hosting you upload your website (using the username and password provided by the hosting company), point your domain name to your hosting space and voila it’s now available to be seen on the internet!

Although this sounds relatively simply, it’s quite complex for someone not used to the process. Fortunately, your happy helpful web designers can sort all of this out for you.

Hosting just like websites can come with many different price tags, but for starter business websites you would not expect to pay any more than £10 per month to rent the space needed. As your website grows and has more visitors you may need to increase this spend due to needing more bandwidth and space, but only when your website grows big enough.

Here at Vibe Designs we take all the hard work away and do this for you. If you take a website and hosting from us we will do all the technical stuff and all you simply do is sit back and we’ll let you know once it’s done and can be seen online!



Additional Development Requirements

Total Cost: from £30

This cost is by no means mandatory and is purely optional based on your own needs. If your website does what it needs to and has no need for additional features or enhancements, then you can skip this step.

If as your business grows you need more pages, more features, maybe a shopping cart, create a blog or a mailing list then this can all be done on a pay as you go basis. This prevents the needs for paying for all these additional enhancements up front, and only paying for what you need when you need them!

Each enhancement though is different, and usually the requirements are different for each. Enhancements start from just a £30 cost – and almost all are just one off charges.



Maintenance and Servicing

Total Cost: from £20 per month or one-off fee

With all the technology that goes in to building your website it’s only natural that occasionally your website, the server or even the software has a poorly day.

Sometimes this requires a server reboot, or a software upgrade to the latest version (just like your mobile phone) or just some coding tweaks due to new browser settings.

When this happens either your hosting company can help, or your website designer. They can investigate the issue and make the relevant fixes. Costs can vary depending on the nature of the issue, and time spent to resolve can be dependant or ticket priority.

This can be avoided with a maintenance plan. At a cost of just £20 per month all server and downtime fixes are prioritised and resolved in full. Your software is automatically kept up to date, and your website is regularly monitored for issues.

This can save considerable time and costs if an issue is detected but again is totally optional.

Purchase a maintenance plan from us and your hosting is half the normal price for the entire length of your contract!



In Conclusion

This is it. The total inclusive costs of building a running a website. Nothing hidden and all explained.

With a website designed for just £185, and a maintenance and hosting plan for £25 per month it means you can keep your costs very low at the start of your business or as you start your journey of taking your business in to the exciting online world.



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